Interest on Client Money

Interest on Client Money is paid at the following rates per currency:

  • GBP:  3.00% per annum, paid monthly, accrues daily
  • USD:  2.50% per annum, paid half-yearly, accrues daily
  • All others 0%.


All Client Money is held in instant access accounts.

Historic Interest Rates

Currency                                               Date of rate change         Interest rate per annum          
GBP1 April 20243.00%
GBP10 August 20232.80%
GBP1 July 20232.55%
GBP15 May 20232.05%
GBP1 April 20231.80%
GBP10 February 20231.55%
GBP28 December 2022                                        1.30%
GBP14 November 20221.05%
GBP1 October 20220.65%
GBP15 August 20220.40%
GBP1 July 20220.15%
USD1 September 20232.50%