Innovative technology strategy ensures clients stay ahead of the curve

11 Nov 2022

Third Financial announces the successful completion of its 12-month programme to migrate its Investment Platform service to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

The new environment delivers greater levels of control over the services Third provides, together with enhanced performance, improved scalability, and superior security and reliability, as expected from the world’s largest online services provider.

Throughout the migration the team ensured no loss in up-time, functionality or performance.  Azure will now enable the continued enhancement of Third’s proprietary software architecture in support of the business’ growth plans.

“The project has been vast” said Chief Technology Officer, Ron Tomlinson, who oversaw the implementation.  “The environment was built in parallel to our existing system and designed to co-exist with our Live service while reducing the risk on the migration itself.  All data was test migrated multiple times to ensure the final deployment would run smoothly. This was a project involving multiple teams in the business: Infrastructure, Operations, Client Services and Development teams all played their part. It was a great team effort.”

Third’s ongoing mission is to modernise wealth management and advice businesses and help advisers simplify and scale.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Ian Partington, commented “Embracing new technology for the benefit of our client base is at the heart of everything we do.  As technology advances continue to accelerate, this approach ensures that we continue to provide and adapt our services to meet the demands of a changing market.”

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