Third Financial Launches New Super-Fast Microservices Architecture, Photon

06 Jul 2021

Third Financial is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new super-fast, proprietary microservices architecture, Photon.

Photon is hosted using Amazon Web Services and fully integrates with Third’s multi-award winning core system, Tercero.

The first feature of Photon to be implemented is the rebalancing engine.  This is in pilot phase with a Robo customer and generated over 2,000 client orders per second, including fractional ETF trades, during its first live run.  The many new features to be added to Photon over coming months can be continuously delivered outside of the quarterly Tercero release cycle as a result of the microservices technologies being used.

Commenting on the announcement, Third’s Commercial Director, Ricky Ali, said: “We believe our sustainable competitive advantage is our ability to reinvent, and continually improve, the services and technology that we provide.  This new development ensures that Third continues to lead the way for any firm looking for a solid, yet innovative, platform on which to build a service in the digital world. The use of microservices enables us to react quickly to opportunities, helping both ourselves and our customers take advantage accordingly.”

Third’s Chief Technology Officer, Ron Tomlinson, added: “Photon is a real step-up for Third’s ability to drive innovation in this industry while also enabling us to embrace modern development and quality assurance methods across the firm. The Technology stack is cutting edge and allows us to build a next generation platform using proven Cloud Native AWS services. ”

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