Third Financial is a London based software products and services company exclusively focused on the Wealth and Investment management industry.

The Tercero Software Platform is a new generation of front, middle and back office wealth management software.

Key features include portfolio management, compliance and oversight, CRM, client reporting and internet / mobile computing.

Tercero is fully modular, enabling clients to take individual elements to suit their own requirements.


Tercero Wealth CRM is based on Microsoft Dynamics and is designed exclusively for the wealth and investment management market.

Third Financials Wealth CRM Practice provides a range of specialist CRM consultancy services for companies looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics. It is also available as an integrated module within the Tercero Software Platform.


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Tercero Mobile is part of our client communications suite and provides client access via the internet and mobile devices.

Tercero Mobile is supported on all the major browsers and is available as an application for both the iPad and iPhone. Tercero Mobile can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and also provides the perfect distribution channel for our client reporting solution.


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